Wednesday, May 18, 2011


WOHOO!  We officially started using the Advocare Products today!!  This will be the WORST post you will see me write, why?  Because here is where you will see Chris and I's photos!  AHHHH!!!  This is the real commitment part I suppose, letting ANYONE who cares to see, our HORRIBLE bodies.  BUT, there will be a day where we will post our "FAT to FAB" bodies!!!!!  WOHOO!!!!  BRING IT ON!!!!

HERE WE ARE!!!  So far, so good!  We started our morning at about 7:15, and I have NEVER felt so awake at that time of the day, THANK YOU SPARK DRINK!!!

Day 1 Face Shot - 5/18/2011

Doesn't he look happy! 

Say goodbye to the "booda-belly"!!!!

Day 1 Face Shot - 5/18/2011

Time to get rid of this body!


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